Ghassoul Clay – A Miracle for Skin and Hair

Rhassoul Clay also called Ghassoul Clay is a naturally occurring substance originates from Morocco highly rich in minerals and it is exceptionally soothing for skin and hair.

Ghassoul Clay

Sourced from the Atlas Mountain range in Eastern Morocco, Rhassoul Clay is an outstanding skin relieving naturally found cosmetic clay. Its scientific name is Hectorite. Rhassoul Clay is the product of volcanic activity and geothermal process. Other names of Rhassoul clay are Red Moroccan Clay, Oxide Clay, Moroccan Ghassoul Clay and red clay. As a natural skin soother it contains impressive mineral content:

  • Silica- 58%
  • Magnesium- 25.2%
  • Aluminum- 2.47%
  • Calcium- 2.34%
  • Sodium- 2.3%
  • Iron- 0.64%

Refinement of Ghassoul Clay:

Rhassoul or Ghassoul Clay is extracted and refined under special conditions. It is transformed from lakeside deposits in large clods, and then it is washed and dried stepwise. After drying, it is then micronized into the powder form. After the refinement, clay takes the form of silken earth. Rhassoul clay is considered remarkably beneficial for skin and hair. Important benefits and uses of Moroccan Ghassoul clay are discussed.

Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Benefits for skin:

Ghassoul Clay benefits for SkinRhassoul is famous for its special ability to absorb skin impurities and nourish it with helpful minerals. Clinical studies have found that Rhassoul Clay:

  • Improves skin texture
  • Unblock pores and protect from acne.
  • Reduces dryness
  • Reduces flakiness
  • Enhances skin elasticity or firmness
  • Improves skin clarity

Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Benefits for Hair:

Ghassoul benefits for HairLike benefits to skin Rhassoul Clay is also beneficial for hair in the following ways:

  • Removes impurities.
  • Cleanses the hair.
  • Increase volume.
  • Improves growth and texture.

Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Uses:

  • The red Moroccan clay can be used in place of soap as a daily cleanser.
  • This clay is also being used as shampoo because of its exceptional hair care properties such as improve hair texture and volume, eliminates dandruff, and increase growth.
  • A mixture of Argan oil and Rhassoul clay is commonly used to restore hair shine.
  • It can be used as a facial scrub after mixing it with coconut oil, almonds and oats.
  • Rhassoul clay is employed in the spa (mineral spring considered to have health-giving properties) to remove dead cells, soften the skin.
  • Moroccan Ghassoul Clay is also beneficial to cure arthritis. Just put a mixture of clay and oil of Boswellia serrata species (a herb considered good for arthritis treatment) on the sore joints, it would reduce the pain and enhance movement.
  • Most of the toxins in our skin have a positive charge while ghassoul clay naturally carries a strong electromagnetic charge. Due to this chemical property clay absorbs the impurities and detoxifies our skin.

Side Effects of Rhassoul Clay:

In addition to outstanding benefits and uses, Ghassoul clay has some harmful effects. The main thing to consider is to put it correctly for a proper time, not too long either on hair or skin. In this way, it would not cause any damage. If it stays on your skin or hair for long it may cause hair breakage or skin dryness. It should be used only for external purposes. Try to apply this clay after consulting the doctor in extreme conditions of some skin of hair problem.

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