Packaging & Price specifications

Argan Oil Prices

  • Organic products for either cosmetic or culinary use
  • 100% pure certified Organic by Ecocert SA & USDA
  • Ecocert & US NOP Certified
  • Supply ability : 5 Tons per month

Argan Oil Prices

Our Argan oil prices are subject to change according to market fluctuations, climate change & raw products availability.

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Shipping methods

  • FedEx – Door to door in 5-7 days

  • Air Cargo – Nearest airport in 5-7 days: 100 kg and up. Pick up in airport

  • By Sea in 30 days: 1000 kg and up. Pick up in sea port

Delivery time

  • Depending on volume ordered: one week to one month for large orders.

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