Wholesale Bulk Deodorized Argan Oil

100% Bio Argan Oil is one of the most known companies of Morocco. It has got fame for dealing in Wholesale Bulk Deodorized Argan Oil at local, national, and even at international level. This association of women cooperatives gives 100 % guarantee for the purity of the oil.

Wholesale Bulk Deodorized Argan Oil: Natural Beauty

Wholesale Bulk Deodorized Argan OilIt is an open secret that women have always been conscious about their beauty. Therefore to augment charms of their looks, they have always been trying many diverse, natural and amalgamated beauty products. One of the well-liked and trendy natural beauty products is argan oil which is also known as gold oil. It is directly obtained by the seeds of argan tree, found in Morocco. It has been being used by women in Morocco for last many years to have an ever younger look.

Women Cooperatives

100% Bio Argan work with a team of women cooperatives who care for the process of extraction of the oil from the seeds of argan oil. They ensure that the whole progression of the oil extraction is fine enough to preserve the expected and advantageous characteristics of the oil. Then the oil is directly made available by these cooperatives to the customers anywhere in the world.

Buy and Sell Doctrine: Fair Trade Practice

We certifies that no preservatives are added to maintain the purity of oil. This organic oil is provided to the consumers at fair prices with fair trade principles. The basic trade philosophy is based upon following three key factors:

  • Authenticity: purity of oil is assured through the direct and totally fair contact of the customers with women cooperatives.
  • Quality: quality of this organic oil is licensed by Organic and USDA – NOP.
  • Ethics: we ensures a good code of conduct with customers and no secret rules are there in trade.

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